If a firefighter from your department dies in the line of duty do you know what to do?

To report a LODD please call toll free 866-736-5868

Local Assistance State Team Contact

CAST Coordinator of L.A.S.T.
C. R. Vaughan
2501 Phoenix Drive Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405

What the Team can provide:

•  Department of Justice-Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (DOJ-PSOB) expertise

•  Honor Guard and Ceremonial support

•  Chaplain services for department members

•  A fire service survivor to work with the family

•  A behavioral specialist to work with the department members and the family

•  Information and access to various Federal, State, and local benefits that may be available to the family

•  Other information and resources to assist the family and department 

What the Team will do:

•  Respond only when requested

•  Be on the ground within six hours with the team components that are requested

•  Ensure the family and the department are the priority at all times

•  Ask first before taking any action

•  Maintain transparency and work behind the scenes

•  Provide timely and accurate information

•  Practice personal and team integrity

•  Ensure quality over expediency

•  Show empathy at all times

•  Always think in terms of honor, dignity, and respect

• Have an exit strategy after the first day on the ground 

What the Team won’t do:

•  Self respond!

•  Take over!

•  Do anything without consulting the Chief of designate and/or the family!

•  Give inaccurate information! 

Rules of Engagement for the Local Assistance State Team:

•  The primary mission is to bring expertise to the surviving family in filing for the DOJ-PSOB.

•  Follow the mission of providing necessary assistance and support to families and fire departments of fallen firefighters, as requested.

•  Provide the families and fire departments of fallen firefighters the support mechanisms needed before, during, and after the funeral.

•  Act as a resource for the family and fire department.

•  Act as the initial contact and agents for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.