Joint Fire Council

The Joint Fire Council is made up of 7 associations and state agencies. Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs , Alabama Association Volunteer Fire Departments, Alabama Firefighters Association , Professional Fire Fighters Association of Alabama, Alabama Forestry Commission, Alabama State Fire Marshals Office, and Alabama Fire College. The purpose of the Joint Fire Council is to promote unity, cooperation, and goodwill among organizations with a direct interest in the fire service in Alabama. This council reviews all Fire Laws and/ or Bills pertaining to the Fire Service of Alabama. 

Joint Fire Council Members
Jon Lord, Chair

Scott Pilgreen, Vice Chair

Reid Vaughan, Sec-Tres

Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs
Steve Carroll
Jon Lord
Donnie West

Alabama Association Volunteer Fire Departments
Mike Green
Billy Doss
Jerry Jackson

Alabama Firefighters Association
Reid Vaughan
Billy Doss
Jerry Jackson

Professional Fire Fighters Association of Alabama
David Harer
Skip Kittrell
Allen Marks

Alabama Forestry Commission
Rick Oates

Alabama State Fire Marshals Office
Scott Pilgreen

Alabama Fire College
David M. Russell

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